Monday, October 16, 2006


I'm back again - I spent the weekend in Virginia with my family to celebrate my little sister's 18th birthday. My husband couldn't take time off from work so I braved a cross country flight with two of my kids (the baby and my 6 year old daughter). My eldest son stayed behind to keep his father company.

Flying with the two kids wasn't a big deal - they're both well traveled and they were very well behaved. The baby didn't cry once! And no, I didn't Benadryl him (...this time...) Going through security, however, was a huge pain. I had the baby in the stroller and had our carry ons plus the baby's carseat on a cart. I was pushing the stroller and my daughter was pushing the cart - she couldn't see the front of the cart because she's tiny so she kept giving everyone flat tires. Once we got up to security I could tell everyone was avoiding my line like the plague - I had to take EVERYONE'S shoes off.. then their sweaters/jackets, take the baby out of the stroller, fold the stroller while carrying the baby (thank God I have this cool stroller that you can fold with one hand - thanks Joyce!), load the stroller, carseat, shoes, and carry ons through the conveyer belt - then put everything back together once we passed through security. Oh did I mention that they had to inspect all the baby food bottles and I had to dump the water I packed in the bottles (to later mix with formula)? I actually heard this bitch behind me say, "God we got in the wrong line." BITCH. Yes, I like to go around airports with my children and take forever in security just to piss people off on purpose.

Too bad she wasn't on my flight - I would've made the baby cry just to irritate her.