Friday, March 31, 2006


Here is the bridesmaid dress I had made. The one on the left is mine, the one on the right is the picture I gave to the seamstress. I'm not as skinny as the model I know.

If you're my Flickr friend, you probably already saw the pics from the wedding. I didn't have a good picture of just the dress so like a loser, I put the dress on and took a picture of myself for my blog.

At the wedding I wore an orchid choker custom made by the fabulous Giao at the Walrus and Carpenter.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

farmer's market goodies

I love going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. Today I bought a flat of ripe red strawberries so now I have to figure out what to do with all of them.

One thing I did was make a strawberry and nutella sandwich. I usually like to make it with bananas, but this was even better!

Monday, March 20, 2006

yeehaw! (or heehaw?)

I'm in Houston right now on business until Wednesday then to Memphis the rest of the week. I am a mess right now because I have to spend 5 days away from baby Q (I'll miss the bigger kids and the hubby too...).

I was hoping Brokeback Mountain would be on Pay Per View in my hotel room (it was in Hawaii), but alas, it appears Houston, Texas prefers to keep their cowboys straight around these parts. Go figure.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

forever my dinner date

A picture of the handsome guy who has been my dinner date for the past 11 years. We had dinner at Roys last night to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary... and I killed that chocolate souffle.

Happy 10th Anniversary to my hubby (who doesn't read this blog because there is nothing sports or video game related on it)!

Friday, March 17, 2006

hawaii... the details

I'm done complaining. On to the details.

We stayed at the Hale Koa hotel for the first 3 nights but had to check out once my Dad checked out because he was our sponsor (military hotel). I initially booked a room at the Ohana East at $159 for the remainder of our trip but thanks to I was able to book the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa for $155 a night at Priceline! Can't beat a better hotel for a cheaper price!

My sister stayed at the Kahala Hotel (formerly the Kahala Mandarin Oriental) - this was where the wedding took place. The hotel was nice but the location felt boring. I like to people-watch and walk around to shop. The Kahala is very secluded (yet very nice) and probably a good place for honeymooners who want to get away. They even have their own in house dolphins!

Shopping wise, I picked up a book called Hawaiian Lei in Crochet by Roberta Wong and Hawaii's Best Mochi Recipes by Jean Watanabe Hee. (I know you have this Joyce, but I couldn't resist.) I can't wait to get started on a lei - hopefully I'll finish it and it won't sit unfinished next to my cat's disembodied head. I picked up a bunch of shortbread at Honolulu Cookie Company - they have a store inside the Marriott. I'm a Big Island Candies shortbread freak so I was skeptical about yet another Hawaiian shortbread cookie but HCC's cookies are GOOD. My favorite cookies are the fruit ones, especially the pineapple shortbread - you can really taste the pineapple in it. I also picked up coffee (100% Kona of course), the usual chocolate covered mac nuts, Aloha wear for the kids, and a ceramic tile to hang in the house.

Because I really didn't get to enjoy my time in Hawaii (running around for the wedding, the Hilo Hattie children incident, and the stomach flu), I told my husband that we have to go back this summer to make up for it. :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

you hate me. i hate me.

**Long post**

I'm SuperMom. I went to Hawaii with the whole family. That's 1 husband + 3 kids (ages 9, 5 and 6 months). We got on a plane and we rode that plane for 5 hours with nary a whimper. Felt pretty damn good about myself.

Until Monday - aka "Golf Day"

I thought I could handle it, after all, I did it before (albeit in the comfort of my own home.. that thought escaped me at the time). So I dropped off the hubby at Ko'olina and I headed back to our hotel in our rented mini-van. Hilo Hattie was on the way back to Waikiki and since I was sick all day Sunday and could not get to the Aloha Stadium swap meet, I thought I'd suck it up and pay tourist prices for the souvenirs I needed to buy for everyone.

When I lifted child #3 out of the carseat and into the stroller, his pacifier fell to the ground. Since it was dirty, I left it in the van (mistake #1). Then, since I knew I would be quick, I left his diaper bag in the van (mistake #2). I went into Hilo Hattie with all 3 kids in tow and started shopping. Then child #2 needed to use the restroom.

So I take children #2 and #3 into the bathroom while #1 sat and waited on a bench. All was well and I started shopping again. I pass by this old man who had that old man smell and I thought to myself, "Damn, this guy STINKS!" We go to a different corner of the store... "Whew! I can still smell him! ...Wait a minute... sniff sniff.. damn it." #3 decided to drop a bomb in the store and because of mistake #2 I had to run out to the parking lot (with 3 kids in tow) to get the diaper bag.

Repeat the first two sentences of the last paragraph.

#1 and #2 got antsy and started horseplaying. Literally horseplaying. #1 had #2 by the ponytail and was pulling on it saying "Giddyap horsey!" Some old lady (lots of old people tourists in Hawaii) said, "That's not very nice, how would you like it if someone pulled YOUR hair?" That got my attention so I shot a dirty look at her for scolding my son then shot a dirty look at my son because his actions caused some stranger to look at me as if I didn't know how to control my children. Damn that old bitch... I was in the middle of shopping and didn't have time to pay attention to my kids.

To pacify the children I told them, "You guys can pick ONE THING from the store and I'll get it for you." #1 picked some stuffed macadamia nut animal and #2 picked a Hawaiian paper doll book.

Back to shopping. This time in the home accessories (read: BREAKABLE) department. I picked up a ceramic tile to hang up at home that has a pineapple and says "Welcome to our home!" While looking at other tiles I heard, "GASP! Watch out!" (Sound of something falling.) The children (#1 and #2) have managed to make a game of a paper doll book and stuffed macadamia nut fighting Star Wars with each other and they knocked over a vase which luckily (for the kids' butts) didn't break but I had to endure more of the "Look at that mom who can't control her kids" looks from those old people again.

After that I grabbed their arms and headed to the checkout line where #3 decided to cry as loud as a banshee. #3 is a good baby by all accounts and does not cry much, but when he cries, he cries LOUD. I picked him up out of the stroller to soothe him, didn't work. Looked around for the pacifier (see mistake #1). The line was unbelievably long because 2 tour buses pulled up earlier so there was (and I'm not lying) a group of at least 20 young Japanese teens who were all dressed EXACTLY THE SAME (down to the shoes) and had the same exact haircut (shaved but had a couple month's worth of growth so they all had the same length of hair) and they were all in line at exactly the same time. It was "The Perfect Storm."

#3 was screaming his head off and nothing I did was helping. Another old guy let me cut in front of him and told the cashier, "Why don't you take this young lady with the baby first?" I saw sympathy and annoyance in his expression. I hurried as fast as I could but my cashier was sooooooooooooo slooooooooow in bagging my stuff so #3 was still screaming and crying. It's exactly that cry you hear at Target that goes on and on and you stop shopping to look for the stupid ass Mom who isn't doing anything to shut the kid up so you can give her that look. I give that look at those Moms all the time and karma... On Monday, that Mom was me.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"...once it hits your lips it's so good!"

I'm back from my (mis)adventures in Hawaii. I say misadventures because... well... maybe I'll post across a span of a few days on my Hawaii trip, otherwise this will turn into a novel.

The main thing I did in Hawaii? EAT LIKE A FREAKING PIG. I was too busy eating to take pictures of all the goodies I gorged on.

Malasadas from Leonards. I got one of each flavor (filled with custard, chocolate, haupia, guava custard, and banana custard) and the rest cinnamon sugar. My favorite was the guava... OMG it was sooooooooooo good. I am drooling just thinking about it. Haupia came in at a close second. After eating 1 (or 2) plain malasadas I felt sick so I just took a bite of each flavor... now I wish I had the whole dozen here with me so I can finish them off.

On the way to Waimea, we stopped at Giovanni's Shrimp Truck for some scampi.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. That is garlic you see all over the plate. I hate touching food with my hands but I had no problem getting down and dirty to peel all those shrimp. I think I reeked of garlic through the next day.

I also got to try the famous Beard Papa's cream puffs which were sold in the Food Pantry right on Kuhio. I got greedy and got 5 plain and 1 green tea. They were good, but maybe I was expecting too much because of all the hype because after I tried them I thought, "Hmmm. This tastes just like a... cream puff."

We also ate at Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch and Crab on Friday night with the family - I had my usual, the poke. I have a March birthday (actually it's today! HPBD2ME!) so they served me up a piece of banana bread pudding with a candle on it.

What else did I eat? Well, at my sister's wedding reception we were all treated to a six course gourmet dinner* at the Kahala Hotel (formerly Kahala Mandarin Oriental hotel.)

Ahi Carpaccio with Walnut Crostini

Sweet Kahuku Corn and Lobster Chowder

Pan Roasted Onaga

Champagne Sorbet

Kiawe Grilled Tenderloin of Beef

Warm Seasonal Berry Tart

Freshly Brewed Kona Coffee

Tropical Tango Wedding Cake - Vanilla Cake with Lilikoi and Mango Filling
*This doesn't include the appetizers either (assorted tropical fruits and cheese and smoked chicken and papaya on crostini).
Yesterday before we headed back to the airport, we had breakfast at Rainbow Drive-In on Kapahulu. Kids had the pancakes and french toast (both VERY good, pancakes were fluffy, hot and fresh), Hubby had the breakfast special (eggs, rice and your choice of meat, which in his case is always hamburger steak with gravy), and I had the fried rice with eggs. After breakfast, I saw that Zippys was right down the street so I ran in and bought Napples of each flavor (chocolate, coconut, apple, blueberry/cream cheese and cherry).
I was afraid to weigh myself when I got home, but I expected the worse (+ 3-5 lbs) and was ok with the +1.5 lbs. I'll work it off now that I'm back!

Monday, March 13, 2006


I'm in Hawaii right now! I'll be back tomorrow night with pictures of all the fat laden calories I have been ingesting. (Malasadas, Beard Papa's cream puffs, scampi from the shrimp truck... And that was just today!)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Quick Cake Decorating

I ordered the above pictured cake for my son's baptism from a local bakery. It was a white cake with rum custard filling and whipped cream frosting.

I asked for a plain cake because I didn't want flowers or balloons plus I wasn't too impressed with the cake decorating skills at this bakery.

To make up for the lack of decor, I bought some roses and decorated the cake myself. Roses are edible so I don't think I poisoned anyone. Everyone was put off by the rum custard anyway - it was too strong for some people, but I liked it. Reminded me of eggnog.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Year of Cakes - The Group

I haven't forgotten about my pledge to take on Martha's Year of Cakes. February was a crazy month so February's cake will have to share the spotlight with March's cake. I have a good excuse for slacking... we're leaving for Hawaii next Thursday for my sister's wedding and couple that with helping with the wedding plans, busy days at work, battling the stomach flu, plus two out of three sick kids (who also have the stomach flu)... I haven't had the time. Plus who wants to eat a cake prepared by someone suffering from the stomach flu?

I joined Sweet Little Treat's Year of Cake's group and if any of you out there like to bake and want to participate, everyone is welcome to join. I knew there had to be others out there that wanted to take on Martha's Year of Cakes - now I have fellow cake loving Aussies to bake with! Their cakes turned out really good I might add. I may have to follow Martha's directions and pictures more carefully.

By the way... having two kids sick at the same time... that's going to have to be a separate post. Hell, even a separate blog. In a nutshell, running back and forth cleaning up the bodily fluids that have spewed out of every orifice of two children... NOT FUN. Clorox bleach is my friend this week.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

F#$@ fundraising

"Would you like to buy some delicious pizza, pie, cookie dough or cheesecake?"

Fundraising has taken over our freezer and fridge. Look at all the cookie dough, eclairs, pizzas, pies and cheesecakes I have to store in my fridge until I can pass these delectable yet extremely small goodies out to all the suckers, I mean supportive and generous family and friends that bought them. I am never going to participate in this fundraiser again. I had to defrost two whole chickens for dinner just to make room! I'll just have to step up the gift wrap sales instead.