Monday, June 09, 2008

Food Weekend

My weekend was full of food. On Saturday we went to Sunset Magazine's Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park (thanks for the tickets Joyce!). We met Joyce and her family there and first on the agenda was to watch Chef Alicia Jenish from Out the Door demonstrate how to make Spring Rolls. (Too bad they didn't pass out samples). It looked really easy to make and I am now inspired to make my own mayonnaise! We brought the kids along and they enjoyed the Land O'Lakes Decorate-Your-Own-Cupcake booth.

Land O'Lakes Cupcake

Q obviously enjoyed the


Sunday I dragged my daughter to the Newark Farmer's Market and picked up a carrot cake cupcake from The Tao of Cakes. (No picture because I ate it!) I also picked up a bunch of fruits, veggies and herbs so now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with half a flat of strawberries.

Cooking for a family of 5 has its issues - it's rare that I can make one dish that everyone will enjoy. My daughter A loves shrimp but my son X refuses to eat it. X likes steak but I'm trying to cut down red meat to 1-2 times a week. I want to eat healthy but no one else "appreciates" vegetables as much as I do. Hence, my role as a short order cook. I made
miso-glazed salmon for the adults,

Miso Salmon

Spam musubi for the two big kids,

Spam Musubi

and deconstructed Spam musubi for little Q (he has a hard time eating stacked foods like sandwiches and musubi - eating via fork and spoon is much better). I also had to make two types of musubi - one entirely wrapped in nori, and the other sans nori (A doesn't like nori). This is the first time I made Spam musubi - I totally forgot I had a musubi mold that was included in a Costco pack of Spam I picked up over a year ago.

Spam Musubi Mold

I checked Spam's
website to see if they sell it online but it's nowhere to be found. I did find a post about it on someone's blog though! Looks like I lucked out - plus this mold fits a Spam slice perfectly!

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